Steel Fabrication & Welding: From Concept to Creation

Mastering the Art of Metal

Our adept team of coded welders and seasoned boilermakers, bolstered by a 2 x 10T lifting capability, transcend the conventional to deliver both intricate and grand scale steel fabrications. Specialising in high-pressure piping, stainless steel welding, and bespoke fabrication of drilling rigs, railway, pump, and ship components, we are your gateway to impeccable engineered solutions tailored for local and global markets.

A Symphony of Processes

Harnessing the finesse of TIG and MIG welding, coupled with sandblasting and painting, we craft products that are not only functionally superior but aesthetically pleasing. Adherence to ASME IX, ASSD 1.1 and ISO welding standards and rigorous qualification of our welders underpin our commitment to delivering nothing but excellence.

Precision, the Core of Fabrication

Our innovative approach to large steel fabrications and deployment of laser measuring tools enable us to maintain exceedingly tight tolerances. This, paired with our machining expertise, fosters a seamless amalgamation of disciplines to manifest your vision into tangible, high-quality products.

Restoration and Beyond

Beyond creation, our expertise extends to the meticulous refurbishment and restoration of worn valves, shafts, and mining, material sorting and demolition equipment, rejuvenating them to their original specification.

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