Our Services

CNC Turning & Milling

At Bay Engineering, our CNC Turning & Milling services exemplify precision in engineering. We handle a wide range of materials with advanced CNC technology, delivering high accuracy in both small and large-scale projects. Our capabilities extend to intricate measurements and quality assurance, backed by a fleet of diverse machinery.

Steel Fabrication & Welding

Our Steel Fabrication & Welding services are powered by a team of skilled professionals, offering custom solutions in high-pressure piping and stainless steel welding. We provide comprehensive services including TIG and MIG welding, along with sandblasting and painting, ensuring top-quality and visually appealing results.

VMC Knife Gate Valves

Specialising in VMC Knife Gate Valves, we offer robust and precision-engineered solutions for effective flow control in various industrial settings. Our valves are designed for durability, ease of maintenance, and customisation to meet specific operational requirements.