Your Engineering Collaborator

Thriving Through Precision & Evolution

Since our inception in 1986 in Johannesburg, Bay Engineering has steadily evolved into a formidable name in the precision engineering sector, extending our services across mining, rail, motor, shipping, high pressure cleaning, drilling and agricultural industries. Our growth trajectory reflects our adaptability and an unyielding commitment to precision, fostering strong associations with industry leaders.

Our Prowess: More than the Sum of Parts

Our unique blend of skilled craftsmanship, technical acumen, and advanced CNC machinery, coupled with state-of-the-art welding and fabrication facilities, empower us to meet complex engineering challenges head-on. With a dedicated and agile workforce, we stand ready to scale our operations to meet the demands of large projects and tight deadlines.

Expanding Horizons

Our collaborations with reputable partners augment our in-house capabilities, enabling us to offer a wider spectrum of services including Galvanizing, Grinding, Honing, Long Hole Drilling, Gear Cutting, Broaching, Splining, Heat Treating, Nitriding, Case Hardening, Metal Spraying, Chemical Plating, Hard Anodising, Non-Destructive Testing, Rubber Lining, Dynamic Balancing, Stress Relieving and Vibratory Stress Relieving.

Engage with Us

Discover how our precision engineering solutions can accelerate your project timelines and enhance the quality of your products. Contact us today for a deeper insight into our offerings and how we can collaborate to drive your business forward.